As of 12/28, we will be offering to conduct VIN Inspections and fingerprints. We ask that you, please wear a mask for your safety and ours. Please, call you make your appointment for VIN’s or Fingerprints.

The Clark County Sheriff’s Office proudly serves the public of Clark County, including the towns of Ashland, Minneola, and Englewood. We proudly serve the citizens of Clark County 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The agency consists of 6 sworn officers, including the sheriff, who patrol a coverage area of approximately 960 square miles and serve approximately 2,000 citizens.

They are assisted by 4 full-time dispatchers and 1 part-time dispatcher, who monitor and dispatch all of the emergency services in Clark County. These include the emergency service of the Fire Departments (Ashland, Englewood, and Minneola) and Emergency Medical Services (Ashland, Englewood, and Minneola) by dispatching needed emergency requests that come into the Clark County dispatch via the 911 phone system or by the regular office phone lines.

The Clark County Sheriff’s Office houses the Clark County Jail, which is a secure facility that can house up to 8 inmates (men and women) and was recently updated in late 2012. The jail is operated by both the dispatchers and the deputies of Clark County. These employees monitor the inmates and also provide the necessary daily care of any inmate that is housed at the Clark County Jail.

All of the Clark County Sheriff’s Office employees strive to give the citizens of Clark County the safety and security that they deserve by abiding by the following vision statement:               

Integrity is the basis for trust in our community!

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